Vallauris - France

Vallauris, France.

Gibus products installed
Med Twist, three coupled modules, zip 13.QU closures, LED RGB lights along the perimeter, LED spot lights integrated in the blades

Project needs
The popular fish restaurant, located in Vallauris along the French Riviera, needed to enlarge its outdoor dining area while also providing their guests with efficient protection from the sun, wind and bad weather. The ideal solution was a linear design and forefront technology.

Project features
Med Twist, the bioclimatic pergola by Gibus, was the suitable product to meet the client’s needs. The three coupled modules of the white painted aluminum structure have created a real additional room for the restaurant.
The Zip 13.QU closures, which complete the pergola, make Med Twist perfect for welcoming the guests of the “La Fourmigue” Restaurant, even in the spring or autumn when the weather is not always fine and it also provides shelter from the fresh sea breeze.
LED RGB lights along the perimeters and LED spot lights integrated in the blades complete the structure and create the right atmosphere during evening service.